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Improving Business Processes using Machine Learning

Imagine your business has a contact form on its website. Every day you get many messages from the form, many of which are actionable, but it’s easy to fall behind on dealing with them since different employees handle different queries.

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Deploying Machine Learning Model using Flask

When a data scientist develops a machine learning model, the ultimate goal is to make it available in production. Deployment of machine learning models or putting models into production means making your models available to the end users.

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Dockerizing a Django Web Application

Hey there, welcome! In this article, we will discuss the steps that details how to configure Django to run on Docker.

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How to build a CRUD app using Flask

Flask is one of the most popular web frameworks written in Python. Flask is a lightweight framework that is perfect for beginners.

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Build a CRUD Django REST API using Django Rest Framework API

Build a CRUD Django REST API using Django Rest Framework

The reason I love Django Rest Framework (DRF) is because it elegantly handles data serialization and seamlessly works with Django’s ORM.

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Deploying Static Website with MkDocs and Netlify

I recently got around to publishing our technical thought leadership website and the whole experience was so delightful I felt it important to share my experience.

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