About me

About me

Hey, I’m Nilesh! I’m a Data Scientist working in Mumbai, India. 👋

Welcome to my site, I love building open-source projects and sharing what I learn. This website is a collection of the things I’ve learned and created. 🙏

I’m currently associated with PMAM and driving different AI/ML projects. My main interests include Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Image Analysis and Full Stack Development. 👨‍💻

I like to build things with Deep Learning/Machine Learning, SQL and NoSQL databases, Docker, Python, modern backend, and frontend frameworks. 🤖

I also been an invited speaker and mentor in many events related to Machine Learning, Technology and Coding. Including technical sessions, workshops, faculty and student development programs in institutes. 👨‍💼


  • Coder of the year award at PMAM 2021 🏆Link


You can connect with me here to say hello! I always appreciate meeting new people. 🤓


You can find my code at Github 💻


I really love teaching. It makes me feel fulfilled when I help someone and it also helps me learn.

That was why I started giving tech talks, you can check few of them below. 🎤

  • Time Series Forecasting using Prophet
  • Deploying Static Website with MkDocs and Netlify - [Video]
  • Deploying a Machine Learning Model with FastAPI and Heroku
  • Building an Open source conversational AI Chatbot
  • Get Started with Docker: Empowering App Development for Developers
  • Containerize your Python web application
  • Getting Started With Android App Development
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) using Python
  • Creating interactive user interfaces with Python
  • Building a CRUD app using Django and React js
  • Building a CRUD app using Flask and React js
  • Understanding MERN Stack – MongoDB, Express, React, Node js
  • Data Visualization in PowerBi Using Python
  • Creating an interactive data app using Streamlit

Happy Coding!! 🙂

Formal Education

University of Mumbai

2009 • 2011 • Master’s in Computer Science

University of Mumbai

2006 • 2009 • Bachelor’s in Mathematics